I got it by my hands!

So after almost three years of rehearsing, recording, designing and desperate cries I finally got the result in my hands. The feeling is as always very complex, euphoria and doubt side by side. There is, as is should be, a notion in the back of the head reveling everything that could been better. But we’re probably damned to dream of that perfect piece of packaged misanthropy to the end of our days..

None the less, the merch looks fucking great and I recommend it to everyone that seeks a doze of the black arts.

You got mail

Finally I got the long awaited mail. The mail that sets an end to all photoshop trauma. The final mail. The mail of all mails. It said “The layout is accepted and we will shortly progress with printing the record”. I did a little dance and ten Oh hail praise Satan. So if you desire a physical copy of our masterpiece, your dreams are about to come true.

In an earlier post I mentioned our plans of making a linen in extent to the t-shirt. This is the theme we have chosen for it:


Of course we have a shirt to represent the new record, I just forgot to mention it in the latest post. We hereby announce the official Diktat deliberi shirt created by Christoffer Nyhlén. The shirt should be possible to buy in a about two weeks and it will be available as a short sleeve.

In addition to the t-shirt we have planes on releasing a linen version to, but with another motif. It will be presented here as soon it is converted.


Fuck the underground!! All hail the underground…

I’ts hard not to get bitter from all delays and various fuckery that always comes with putting our a new record. The last couple of month we’ve been at war with the company that’s going to print the record, regarding formats and tuning of the images. At the same time we’ve been struggling with software issues, sickness, late work hours and a tremendous loads of “lost in translation” problems.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel so cool to be evil underground not heard of kind of band.

On the other hand we wouldn’t like to have it any other way. The folks that works with us are loyal and true artist that do all they can to add more dimensions to our work. And they do it for free, in their own tempo. That is what we try to represent at all time; none commersial, true and timeless dark art. So I guess we just have to accept that our products will suffer with some delays, even thou it’s very frustrating.

When we release Diktat deliberi we will promote a new shirt from an old album at the same time. Hope you like it:


I Evighet (a full song album teaser)

The printing company that handled the layout and coverart for Diktat Deliberi were not able to print the booklet the way we intended it to be. This has forced us to remake the complete layout for the album. It is being worked on at the moment and even though the album will be a little delayed it seems as if we’re able to put it out before we put 2012 behind us.

Meanwhile we throw a little piece of meat your way. Enjoy.

New video: Part 3

It seems like things always gonna take more time then expected, the law of late we can call it, or maybe the yxmardian dilemma. Either way, the video is done and I hope you will enjoy it.

Unfortunatly, for the ones who may be curious, there will be no talk of musical influences in this episode. Mainly because we had none in particular and the classical composers is almost ridiclus to mension, cause it would be impossible to specify which composer or aria our tunes may have derived from. Instead a speaker voice will give you a hint about  what we are trying to say with this song.

There is more darkness ahead!


Just a sign of life.

There is going to be Blodsrit interviews in the December issue of the Swedish Close-up magazine and in the French magazine Metallian. So, everybody that speaks both French and Swedish will have a lot of reading to do.

We have a deadline for the album layout until the end of this week. Otherwise it will not be released until next year. Do not fear, we will make it.

It’s going slow with the next video, I lost energy and direction, but I aim to release it within a week.

Sorry to say we have no t-shirt motives or any stuff to show you yet. The best we can do is to give you a sneak preview of how we are going to present the lyrics on the album. Hand written with coal pen as we did them during the recording. We think it looks great even though they might be hard to read:

The royal pain…

My intension was to post a new video today. Those intentions got ruined by a unbelievably stupid problem with my software. I will try to fix the issues during the day and maybe, if I’m fortunate, I can post the next video before the weekend.

To compensate for the video I can give you a preview of the cover. It’s almost finished. I know I said it before, but this time I got some proof. The picture is taken with Lorenzos phone and is not the final edit in any way.