I got it by my hands!

So after almost three years of rehearsing, recording, designing and desperate cries I finally got the result in my hands. The feeling is as always very complex, euphoria and doubt side by side. There is, as is should be, a notion in the back of the head reveling everything that could been better. But we’re probably damned to dream of that perfect piece of packaged misanthropy to the end of our days..

None the less, the merch looks fucking great and I recommend it to everyone that seeks a doze of the black arts.

You got mail

Finally I got the long awaited mail. The mail that sets an end to all photoshop trauma. The final mail. The mail of all mails. It said “The layout is accepted and we will shortly progress with printing the record”. I did a little dance and ten Oh hail praise Satan. So if you desire a physical copy of our masterpiece, your dreams are about to come true.

In an earlier post I mentioned our plans of making a linen in extent to the t-shirt. This is the theme we have chosen for it:


Of course we have a shirt to represent the new record, I just forgot to mention it in the latest post. We hereby announce the official Diktat deliberi shirt created by Christoffer Nyhlén. The shirt should be possible to buy in a about two weeks and it will be available as a short sleeve.

In addition to the t-shirt we have planes on releasing a linen version to, but with another motif. It will be presented here as soon it is converted.


Fuck the underground!! All hail the underground…

I’ts hard not to get bitter from all delays and various fuckery that always comes with putting our a new record. The last couple of month we’ve been at war with the company that’s going to print the record, regarding formats and tuning of the images. At the same time we’ve been struggling with software issues, sickness, late work hours and a tremendous loads of “lost in translation” problems.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel so cool to be evil underground not heard of kind of band.

On the other hand we wouldn’t like to have it any other way. The folks that works with us are loyal and true artist that do all they can to add more dimensions to our work. And they do it for free, in their own tempo. That is what we try to represent at all time; none commersial, true and timeless dark art. So I guess we just have to accept that our products will suffer with some delays, even thou it’s very frustrating.

When we release Diktat deliberi we will promote a new shirt from an old album at the same time. Hope you like it:


Cover competition

(Originally posted: August 8th, 2012)

Over the years we have received plenty of fan-mails with attached images of our covers or group photos, often edited beyond recognition and with much varied quality. In some cases we have received ideas better than our own, and that’s what we hope will be the outcome of this competition.

All contributions will be published and commented on this site.

Winner: Wins a cd, vinyl and a shirt (probably covered with his/her design).

Second: Wins a vinyl.

Third: Wins a cd.


You have to use the painting presented below in some shape or form. The painting is made by Yxmarder. If you can’t find logos or icons in any other way you are welcome to mail me and I will assist you.

Link to fullsize picture: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9132131/Cover-Final.jpg (the picture might be presented upside down, so make sure it looks like below before starting to work with it).

If you want to include the title of the album on the cover it’s: Diktat Deliberi.

Deadline: 20th of August. Send your contribution to info@blodsrit.org

We look forward to see your versions of our creative darkness.

Video presentations

(Originally posted: June 17th, 2012)

I live in an old prison built in 1870. In the basement, where they use to have the isolation cells, I’ve got some space to arrange some kind of TV-studio. Our intension is to give a little presentation of every song in a video format. Maybe we will comment the lyrics or the origin of a riff, and hopefully give you a little richer idea of what we are trying to do.

This is how it looks this far. I will also try to capture the claustrophobic and angst ridden surroundings that developed in this place for 150 years. Hopefully it ads some ambience to this amature project.

Rehearsal video

(Originally posted: June 10th, 2012)

We´ve been asked to create bonus songs for the vinyl release of the new record. Even though it´s short on time we gave it a go, and at the latest rehearsal I recorded the embryo of a new song on my mobil phone. The mobile is the source of booth the audio and video. I mention that as a relevant excuse for the poor quality.

The video is not ment as a teaser or promotion in any way, it´s just a little update on what we are doing right now, and since it´s going slow with the layout I thought this would be a proper sign of life. Or in our case, a glimpse of inverted death.


Opening the gates

(originally posted: February 13th, 2012)

Years of silence have ceased.
After blodsrit.se was laid to rest there were no intention of ever having a website again. Yet, the Myspace page lingered on for a while. In the beginning with at least a hint of maintenance. But even that site soon turned into shit and it was probably years since anyone last logged into that account, and since that the digital spirit of Blodsrit has been drifting.
A fanpage on Facebook has been up and running for a while, but since misanthropes by nature generally avoid human infested places such as that the craving for a stand-alone site has been high.

This page is therefor a new dawn for the ones hungering for Blodsrit.

We will try to continually update this site with essential propaganda regarding both the old releases and happenings during the coming days until we have raced through the last 14 years and reached present day.

If by any chance there are photos or videos lying around for no good reason in your harddrives, feel free to submit them for future exploitation upon this wall.




To state what was stated on the previous site:
•We have no intention of making friends. Pointless emails will be ignored.
•Blodsrit do not trade items
•Blodsrit do not give away free items. No matter who you are!
-Promotional matters should be adressed to the label.