New video: Part 3

It seems like things always gonna take more time then expected, the law of late we can call it, or maybe the yxmardian dilemma. Either way, the video is done and I hope you will enjoy it.

Unfortunatly, for the ones who may be curious, there will be no talk of musical influences in this episode. Mainly because we had none in particular and the classical composers is almost ridiclus to mension, cause it would be impossible to specify which composer or aria our tunes may have derived from. Instead a speaker voice will give you a hint about  what we are trying to say with this song.

There is more darkness ahead!


Just a sign of life.

There is going to be Blodsrit interviews in the December issue of the Swedish Close-up magazine and in the French magazine Metallian. So, everybody that speaks both French and Swedish will have a lot of reading to do.

We have a deadline for the album layout until the end of this week. Otherwise it will not be released until next year. Do not fear, we will make it.

It’s going slow with the next video, I lost energy and direction, but I aim to release it within a week.

Sorry to say we have no t-shirt motives or any stuff to show you yet. The best we can do is to give you a sneak preview of how we are going to present the lyrics on the album. Hand written with coal pen as we did them during the recording. We think it looks great even though they might be hard to read:

The royal pain…

My intension was to post a new video today. Those intentions got ruined by a unbelievably stupid problem with my software. I will try to fix the issues during the day and maybe, if I’m fortunate, I can post the next video before the weekend.

To compensate for the video I can give you a preview of the cover. It’s almost finished. I know I said it before, but this time I got some proof. The picture is taken with Lorenzos phone and is not the final edit in any way.


The first video presentation

(Originally posted: October 1st, 2012)

Finally I got it together and finalised the first presentation. This episode will only be about the song “Livsbesmittad”. The idea is to do a similar presentation of all the songs of the new album Diktat Deliberi (2012).

Notice that the intro music is not a part of the album. It’s an underground hard fucking techno synth maniac that produced it for us from some samples of the new record. His name is Necrolectric and we appriciate his contribution.

I’ve learned alot from the making of this episode and can guarantee that the next one will be tighter


The winner is…

(Originally posted: August 28th, 2012)


Our experiment with letting the public create a cover for us must be considered as a failure. On the other hand it’s a lot to ask of someone, to put down that kind of time and energy in something that most likely don’t end up on the cover.

But we got some suggestions, and some of them where quite ravishing. The two top contenders will be presented below while the top position has been reserved for the acknowledged Italian artist Lorenzo Mariani, who took on the job last week. He’s doing an interpretation of my painting and will add some fucking magic to it. Hence the release date of our sixth crusade against piety comes closer, just like the end of the Maya calender…huuhhh

Cover competition results:

1. Lorenzo Mariani, check him out at:

2. Michael (aka The Slanderer) from Noisegoat Productions. He mailed me his version only one day after the competition got public. That was appreciated. Also he made it look like a death metal album from -88, which is fantastic, but unfortunatly not suiting for us. Hard to know such thing though! You will get your free vinyl as soon as it’s pressed.
3. A guy who called himself Elohimpathy send us a more black metalish version on the last day of the competition, still appreciated though. It’s dark, stylish and got potential, but at the same time it’s boring and horrendously forgettable. I got some references to the Norwegian psychoblackjazz band Shining, and that rewarded you a third place. The free cd is coming your way.
Enough about that. Next thing up is the video presentations of each song. The first part will be out next week, If everything pans out timewise, and will shed some light over what influenced the making of the song, the lyrics and thoughts behind it and also give you some good samples.

The Competition

(Originally posted: August 8th, 2012)

I’m proud to say that we have received a couple of more covers for the competition. And we are very humble that people take their time to engage in us. Never the less, the competition is still open, and I don’t think we have a winner yet.

For all of you out there with interest in art and black metal, listen to our most recent work (the bonus songs for “Helveteshymner”), get inspired and create a canvas of death for us.

Jihad against Islam

(Originally posted: July 19th, 2012)

This is not a news update regarding Blodsrit. It’s a term of allegiance to the anti muslim middle eastern black metal sects Janaza and Seeds of Iblis. I feel the deepest respect when a iraq woman proclaims Jihad against islam and uses black metal music to provoke and, hopefully, destroy the islamic reign. They are persecuted and threatened by death penalty and will most certainly be hanged in public if being caught.

Read one of the few interviews here:


The release

(Originally posted: May 31st, 2012 )

The label plans to release the new album Diktat Deliberi late in august, so im guessing its going to be closer to the beginning of october. But I like to be proven wrong.

Right now we are working on the layout, not that hard, but we´re on it!

Blodsrit on Spotify

(Originally posted: May 18th, 2012)

Finally Blodsrit is going to be available at the digital music distributer Spotify. The full discography will soon be there for everyone to take part of, but as for now only Hinterland has been uploaded and accepted.