Artwork in progress

(originally posted: March 22nd, 2012 )

Our colaboration with a local artist is bearing fruit. Its a kind of blasphemic, naivistic and raw illustrations grounded on the lyrics of every song. Here you get some low resolution collage of some of the resent paintings made in oil or acryl. I don´t really know the different accually.

The Necro Production

(originally posted February 26th, 2012)

Finally we got the first mix from Necromorbus studio. As always it took a while to get a grip of the new sound, but once it got into our heads and started rumbeling around, we where totaly defenceless to the mighty and bombastic wall of sound that widda found in our bastard child. We knew this album would be a killer and a fair representation of the primal and creative darkness that we hail from, but the feeling of an absolute ravishing listening experience evolved as a great part from the work widda did in Necromorbus.

So now theres only a few adjustment left before we can state the new record to be completely finished and everyone craving for some dissonant darkness can remedy their urges with our piece of plastic.

Blodsrit ‘Diktat Deliberi’ CD/LP 2012 Teaser

(originally posted: February 21st, 2012)


For those hungering we now have a treat. A small teaser from the upcoming “Blodsrit” album has been made.

Many things can be said about Windows Movie Maker, but no matter how harsch the word streaming from the tongue may be, they are not even close to describe it.

I wish, from the bottom of my infected heart that the innovator and creator of that software end up next to me in the afterlife.
He, or she, will experience hell quadruple if that humble wish turns in my favor.