New video: Part 3

It seems like things always gonna take more time then expected, the law of late we can call it, or maybe the yxmardian dilemma. Either way, the video is done and I hope you will enjoy it.

Unfortunatly, for the ones who may be curious, there will be no talk of musical influences in this episode. Mainly because we had none in particular and the classical composers is almost ridiclus to mension, cause it would be impossible to specify which composer or aria our tunes may have derived from. Instead a speaker voice will give you a hint about  what we are trying to say with this song.

There is more darkness ahead!


5 thoughts on “New video: Part 3

  1. SÅ bra videouppdateringar! Nya skivan låter så jävla grym! Förseningar kommer ibland, det viktiga är den optimala slutprodukten och den väntar jag tålamodigt på. Keep up the good work!

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