I Evighet (a full song album teaser)

The printing company that handled the layout and coverart for Diktat Deliberi were not able to print the booklet the way we intended it to be. This has forced us to remake the complete layout for the album. It is being worked on at the moment and even though the album will be a little delayed it seems as if we’re able to put it out before we put 2012 behind us.

Meanwhile we throw a little piece of meat your way. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I Evighet (a full song album teaser)

  1. Kan ju bara säga att det låter som det bästa ni kommer att ha släppt hittills… Fan va jag längtar. Man hör inspirationerna och uppskattar dem, det är inte ofta det händer när man känner igen influenser i musiken.

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