The royal pain…

My intension was to post a new video today. Those intentions got ruined by a unbelievably stupid problem with my software. I will try to fix the issues during the day and maybe, if I’m fortunate, I can post the next video before the weekend.

To compensate for the video I can give you a preview of the cover. It’s almost finished. I know I said it before, but this time I got some proof. The picture is taken with Lorenzos phone and is not the final edit in any way.


6 thoughts on “The royal pain…

  1. Even though the image is not in the stage of final edit yet I would say that in my eyes that is by far superior enough to outclass most of the covers found in the metalscene today.

    • I agree with you. Maybe it’s because it really means something and that most people can relate to it. Else it’s just Lorenzos magic pen that seduces the eye. Anyway, it gonna be evil as fuck once it’s pressed on that vinyl cover.

  2. Ser verkligen fram emot nästa video. Av den förra videon att döma så ser jag sjukt mycket fram emot att få höra mer av materialet till Diktat Deliberi och kommentarer angående materialet etc. Det här släppet tycker jag låter helt otroligt bra. Helveteshymner är en av mina favoritplattor någonsin (gällande all musik) och jag tror att nya plattan till och med kommer att slå Helveteshymner. Fortsätt göra det ni gör, det glädjer och inspirerar enormt!

    /Ett stort Blodsritfan

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