Just a sign of life.

There is going to be Blodsrit interviews in the December issue of the Swedish Close-up magazine and in the French magazine Metallian. So, everybody that speaks both French and Swedish will have a lot of reading to do.

We have a deadline for the album layout until the end of this week. Otherwise it will not be released until next year. Do not fear, we will make it.

It’s going slow with the next video, I lost energy and direction, but I aim to release it within a week.

Sorry to say we have no t-shirt motives or any stuff to show you yet. The best we can do is to give you a sneak preview of how we are going to present the lyrics on the album. Hand written with coal pen as we did them during the recording. We think it looks great even though they might be hard to read:

2 thoughts on “Just a sign of life.

  1. Texterna till bookleten kommer bara se mer levande och organisk ut så som ni presenterar dem, handskrivet i kol. Det ser riktigt grymt ut… Man får som fan och lyssnare en mer “här och nu”-känsla när man läser textrader endast formulerade från huvud nedskrivet direkt på papper. Den personliga handstilen etc. Man sätts mer in i ert engagemang under skrivarprocessen tycker jag.

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