Naahz meets Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, BLOODGUT, etc etc etc). As they shared interest in extreme music and alcohol it took but a few weeks for a common project entitled SKUGGRIKE to be created. A four track demo called “The Arrival of Khaos” was recorded, yet never released.

The band split up and from the ashes BLODSRIT & PAGANIZER was born.


I. Rit I Blod
II. Då Livet Tar Slut
III. Dödens Sändebud

The demo “Dödens Sändebud” was recorded and released in 25 copies. One copy ended up in the hands of Malaysian label Psychic Scream Entertainment which led to a contract for a split-CD with Indonesian RITUAL ORCHESTRA.


Psychic Scream Entertainment released the split-CD “Storm of Immolation”.
Blodsrit signed for a fullenght album with French Chanteloup Creations.


Due to several reasons Chanteloup Creations was laid to eternal rest and the release of the 2001 album “Supreme Misanthropy” was instead handled by Adipocere Records.
Until this point BLODSRIT had been the creation of one man and one will. With the recruit of drummer Fiebig this changed.
A four track promo entitled “Secrets Unveiled” was recorded and released in a strictly amount. Three of the tracks were later re-recorded and featured on the 2003 “Ocularis Infernum” album. The fourth song was a cover of Darkthrones “Transilvanian Hunger”.


to be continued…

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